Product Launch for cutaquig®

Developing a communication strategy for the launch of a new product during the coronavirus pandemic.


The unprecedented circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic made it necessary to quickly establish new B2B sales channels, in order to maintain external sales forces. It is in this difficult time that a new product, the immunoglobulin supplement cutaquig, was set to be introduced to the market. A demanding task under such unfamiliar conditions!


Throughout the course of multiple digital meetings, strategic approaches were developed and evaluated with the client according to feasibility and customer-friendliness.

On the one hand, traditional printed media, including flyers and brochures, was produced and distributed. On the other hand, with our guidance, Octapharma used the opportunity to expand their means of communication, implementing digital media for the first time: a landing page, a new portrait film and sales presentations were specifically developed to be used with different online-meeting-tools.

A mailing campaign was also implemented to advertise the new product to the large pool of existing customers.


Our approach ensured a smooth transition between product generations, promoting the new and improved products for patients. In doing so, Octapharma has taken a large step towards digitalizing its marketing practices.


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