Strategy Consulting

There is no victory in strategy… strategy is the prerequisite for corporate success.


Strategy is an ongoing, interactive and holistic process that allows you to realize your business vision and become successful; it is an integral part of every company, organization and institution. While internally all levels of a business are involved individually, they are all controlled and supervised as a whole by management. This also holds true for new “agile” flat company structures.

Concrete, binding and holistic

Our long-lasting experience allows us to understand how people think and act and how to positively differentiate oneself – better than others.

Within the discipline of strategy we specialize in the following areas:

• Internal Communication and Coaching
• Marketing Consulting
• Digitalization
• Communication Development
• Personnel Marketing
• Campaign Development
• Integrated Workshops

UVA Health Consulting – our Network of Partners

UVA Health Consulting is an interdisciplinary team. Our many years of experience at the management level of healthcare institutions are at your disposal in compact, digestible form. In especially challenging cases, we rely on the invaluable expertise of our highly specialized partners. This is oftentimes necessary when supporting private and public healthcare facilities during developmental processes and restructuring. 
Together with our clients and partners, we shape the healthcare market in order to provide the best care possible.

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Process and Structure Consulting
  • Digitalization Projects
  • Positioning
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Internal Communication
  • Theme Management
  • Personnel Acquisition
  • Politics Consulting

Rethink your strategy?

Head of Strategy & Consulting, Proxy