We develop custom-tailored communication solutions for you. From concept to implementation in your business. We offer training, take care of maintenance, marketing and last but not least, monitoring your success.

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions are as diverse as your requirements: strengthening sales, increasing the efficiency of internal processes, supporting your recruiting efforts, and communicating your brand values.

The focus is always on the user, taking into account the diverse and constantly changing range of devices, including smartphones, tablet PCs, desktops, smart TVs and smart speakers. Instead of fixed packages and inflexible standard solutions, we develop individualized applications, websites and intranets based on the needs of respective target audiences.

Our online marketing services revolve around your communication strategy and project goals. This also applies to SEO, SEA, social media marketing tailored to your needs, the use of powerful tools and the involvement of other professional partners.

We guarantee transparency throughout all project phases, especially when it comes to tracking your success through monitoring and analysis, all the while respecting data protection laws (DSGVO).

Long-standing Experience and defined Processes

Thanks to our many years of experience, and by working with well-defined processes, our customers can depend on us when it comes to adhering to timelines and budgets.

Goals, target groups and general requirements are determined together with you throughout the course of workshops. Creating sitemaps, clickable prototypes and wireframes, designs, as well as in-depth planning are essential steps before the technical implementation of a project.

Once the content, including images and texts, has been developed, it is imported and structured using a content management system (CMS). Predefined test-phases ensure a high quality standard before going live.

Multi-part server structures, efficient version management and a ticket system linked to the project management are, among other things, part of our way of working.

Developing Websites, Intranets and Apps

Whether building a platform from the ground up or dealing with a relaunch, the aim of one’s internet presence is to achieve the stakeholders’s goal by creating value for users. We create detailed concepts and comprehensible prototypes using modern design and content that engages the target audience. We implement appropriate CMSs and templates, efficiently maintain content and offer comprehensive training for your editors. We take care of maintenance on a technical level and evaluate statistics to inform recommendations for future development. Lastly, we market the results in a fashion that actually reaches the desired target group.

Our overriding principles and practices for a successful digital appearance involve:

  • positive user experience (UX)
  • intuitive user interfaces and accessibility (UI)
  • easy handling of content management systems through the use of WordPress or TYPO3

Online Marketing

To ensure that reaching your target audience and generating conversions is not left to chance, we develop suitable online marketing measures for search engine campaigns (e.g. Google, Bing), social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) or streaming services (e.g. Spotify) to name a few. These measures include:

  • Developing campaign themes and headline mechanics
  • Recommendation of channels and budget
  • Creating campaign content through images and text
  • Keyword research
  • Building landing pages and preparation for conversion tracking
  • Technical implementation of campaigns as e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads
  • Regular monitoring and comprehensible reports

Additionally, we provide search engine optimization (SEO) for individual pages and entire websites. This encompasses:

  • Developing topics and keyword lists
  • Link building
  • Content optimization with regard to defined keywords
  • Performance optimization as an essential ranking factor
  • On-page optimization for perfect indexability
  • Regular monitoring and comprehensible reports

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