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That’s how nice our team of trainees and interns „sounds,“ actualizing their very own projects:

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Who are we?

Hi, I’m Josie, a digital and print media apprentice at UVA and part of the Thinklink team. From me you’ll get a firsthand idea of what it’s like working here, these are some of my impressions:

Everyone knows the cliché that interns are relegated to making coffee or doing the work that nobody else feels like doing. We put a stop to that. At UVA trainees and interns have the opportunity to work independently on exciting projects in a team of several young, motivated people – the Thinklink.

What do we do?

In the summer of 2020, I was in charge of managing a project, involving shooting a portrait film for the Christall law firm. Of course, I was able to draw on the expertise of my experienced colleagues at any time and was never left completely to my own devices. Also, under close guidance of my supervisor, I myself am solely responsible for the project management and customer support for certain clients.

During large projects, we take on all kinds of tasks that arise: be it the support of Google Ads, Facebook Ads or aiding in the (re)launch of a website. Our team is involved in the internal approval and quality control process and we also take part in meetings, in order to gain as much experience as possible from other projects. Additionally, we are responsible for UVA’s social media channels.

What's it like working here?

Here, one feels well cared for, appreciated and challenged. No day is like the other. Every project and every colleague is unique. It didn’t take long for me to feel like part of the team and not just like an “apprentice.”

Brand new! ... our Online Internship for Students

In times of Corona it can be difficult to find an internship for school, but don’t worry. Through our online or hybrid internship we have found a way by which you can still get to know UVA’s work and environment. Local media, including the TV network RBB and newspapers such as the MAZ and PNN, have even reported about this.

Want to get started?

Sounds exciting ... and it is!

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