Complete relaunch of the website with integration of the career portal

Changed user behavior, new digital technologies and growing demands on an internet presence are also relevant for companies in the healthcare sector.


UVA redesigned the entire website of the AMEOS Group, which currently includes 105 facilities in the areas of acute care, mental health, nursing, rehabilitation and integration, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The existing comprehensive career portal for careers, training and further education was to be integrated into the new website and adapted to the new design.

The timing of the relaunch was chosen to mark the group’s 20th anniversary.


The new website should focus on the needs and search behavior of the users: through a simplified and focused structure. Instead of a hierarchical sorting, the focus is on the content. No matter which way the user starts, he should be able to find his way around the site easily and find what he is looking for with just a few clicks.

The career portal should be integrated, and a new interface to the HR software should automatically integrate the job data. All job offers should be integrated in such a way that they can be easily searched and found. From your own website search as well as from search engines.


The relaunch was a comprehensive project that was implemented in a long-term collaboration with AMEOS. One of the first steps was an internal expert survey among the 18,000 employees from all areas, communication and management, medical and nursing staff, on the needs and search behavior of future users.

Exchange and training

The work process included several workshops and online workshops in the continuous close exchange between the agency and the responsible contact persons of the customer. In addition, training for the AMEOS editors, who will maintain and look after the new websites in the future.

A total of more than 5000 pages were checked in terms of content and design, revised and transferred to the new system.


The communication platform of the AMEOS Group, including the career portal, now has a new look & feel: with a modern, fresh design, appealing and clear.

AMEOS presents itself as a strong player in the health sector – for the patient as well as as an employer, which is all the more important in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

New website, faceted search

The institutions of the AMEOS Group are no longer divided into regions, the content is instead played out via the faceted search with multi-level search and filter options. As a result, the variety of services is clearly presented, and the visitor can reach his or her destination with just a few clicks. There is a strong focus on finding a doctor, and visitors usually find the right contact person after just two clicks.

Strengthened employee retention

The focus on supra-regional corporate identity also has a positive internal effect for stronger employee loyalty.

Last but not least, thanks to innovative technologies, mobile devices are given even greater consideration.

In the course of the integration of the career portal into the website of the AMEOS Group, the HR area has received an even greater focus. The integration of website and career portal is the next goal and illustrates the long-term cooperation approach between agency and customer.

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