Our team

Success has many mothers and fathers,

Our team is correspondingly diverse. Everyone can do something, everyone has an opinion and can and should contribute it. That helps us move forward – and in the end, after a few creative loops, it becomes really good. What do you want to create with us?

We look forward to receiving your project inquiry or application. If you would like to gain an insight into the agency beforehand, take a look at our image film.


Owner, Manager
Networker, coach, and always on-call. Can build furniture and campaigns, and likes unusual design. Has an eagle-eye for all client and agency needs in the house and garden, and an i-Watch implant. She creates so many appointments that nobody knows how many Andreas there really are.


Project Management
Power woman with excess synapses and a great love of dogs for Brenda. Deadlines in your head and coffee in the pot. Has a considerable sneaker collection and goes climbing on vacation for an online detox. Without sneakers, of course.


Customer Advisor Digital
Works with North German calm and thoroughness, is ambitious and fast. Can explain things patiently clearly, and creates a positive atmosphere in the office.


Project Management Digital
Despite all his passion for technology and digitisation, he keeps the human aspect in focus. The agency's haven of peace, even when things get hectic. Has an office with forest wallpaper and likes to ride his bike a lot. But then through real nature.


Junior project manager and customer service
Is familiar with quality management, classic and digital analysis and the customer perspective, especially in the healthcare sector. Likes handicrafts, has experience as a barista and could even conjure up patterns in the milk foam. Favorite drink? Coffee, of course!


Art Director
Started at UVA as an apprentice and now heads the creative department. Has great ideas, likes to photograph insects, and gives everything even when it's implementing colleagues' crazy ideas. Favorite office companion: Barney the black Labrador retriever.


Online Editor
An appreciated and strict QA authority. The family woman has cats and is super quick with the mouse. Known for hard and thorough work. Empties the dishwasher far too often and likes to go on vacation in the cool North.


Working student
Brings a breath of fresh air to Generation Z, but prefers to swirl in the background. Quick in the head and on the move: rides a bright red Vespa and dances salsa. Always on the lookout in the office for a slogan, headphones or charging cable. Just not for reading glasses, because she has a lot of them. Coffee? Yes! With lots of honey.


Is studying for a Master's degree in Digital Media and supports our Digital team. Impresses with a calm and level-headed way of working. As a balance, he does a lot of sport, soccer, bouldering and darts. Drinks coffee rather than tea and listens to a mix of German rap, pop and techno.


UX/UI Designer and Frontend Developer
The horror-film expert is the proud dad of a young daughter. His motto on the job: first think everything through to the end, for both sides, customer and user, then implement it. Design and functionality must come together.


Programmer and TYPO3-God
Always helpful and a workaholic, has withdrawal symptoms on weekends and holidays. He has already been threatened with being banned from the office. However, that would be fatal as he knows everything about our infrastructure and always gets the milk for the coffee.


Graphic Artist and Arvid's Saviour
Composes the most beautiful designs for our customers. Values ​​aesthetics and likes to take photos. Is a metal fan and eats vegetarian, only her cats get meat. Loves Paris and French crepes, knows about film and enjoys watching series.


Punk in the heart and cosmopolitan - now living in Potsdam. He is a dedicated cyclist, coffee junkie, passionate family man and cultivates a dark sense of humour. Impressed with extensive coding skills, clean work and efficient solutions.


Creative craftswoman on the endless playing fields of the German language, funny and solid. Has already edited so many clinical texts that she will soon be able to operate on herself. Is the only one allowed to ask IT questions and has proven that SEO texts can be readable.


Graphic design
Likes to take on a variety of jobs and, in addition to graphics, can also design and build furniture himself. Likes to laugh and is usually relaxed. This may be due to her cat Balu, who Lan brought to Germany from the Hanoi pet rescue service.


Accounting Assistant
Conscientiously takes care of accounting tasks. Her desk is in the little room where the actor Heinz Rühmann is said to have once lived. As a family person, Larissa has long since adopted UVA, and when she's not working, she cooks Ukrainian delicacies.


Graphic design
Came from Cuba via Paris to Berlin and Potsdam-Babelsberg and knows: paths can be convoluted and sometimes there are even several ways to reach a destination. The decisive factor is that the result is convincing. He drinks coffee, enjoys international cooking, can explain baseball rules and goes inline skating with thousands of Berliners once a month.


Heinz Rühmann allegedly stayed in her little office (in the past). Has a clear view of accounting, bakes the best chocolate tart and makes legendary salmon salad. Is the dog-mommy of Maddy, our good mood ambassador.

We just missed you.

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