Image Campaign “Wir für Euch”

Individual communication solutions for AMEOS Ost's facilities. Strengthening the brand and improving brand awareness.


Building a creative out-of-home campaign aimed at improving brand awareness and strengthening the image of AMEOS facilities in Sachsen-Anhalt by incorporating its employees.


Throughout the course of several workshops involving the client, we established the campaign’s premise. Based on the healthcare provider’s values, our goal was to develop a communication concept built on honesty and authenticity that uses real, compelling facts to engage prospective patients.


The proposed concept presents factual information about the company’s facilities and is brought to life by incorporating staff member’s experiences – effectively building an emotional connection and achieving a high level of recognizability. The employees’ stories, detailing their work and life in the region, form the heart of the campaign. Therefore, it was absolutely essential to involve staff members from the very beginning. Using a digital survey, employees were able to voice their opinion and determine which motifs were to be published.


In the region surrounding AMEOS’s clinics, more than 250 surfaces were used to broadcast the campaign in two flights. The out-of-home flight was additionally supported by an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram.
Lastly, the launch of a landing page completed the digital advertising strategy, resulting in a coherent and spirited campaign that exceeded both internal and external expectations.

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