Three partners, one appearance

UVA developed the institutional design of the Faculty of Health Sciences Brandenburg.

The joint Faculty of Health Sciences Brandenburg is now presenting itself with a new design and a new website plus intranet. Three institutions, the University of Potsdam, Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg and Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane, united in one institutional design.

At, the Faculty of Health Sciences Brandenburg is presented in a prominent and contemporary way.

New website of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

For the best visibility and user experience

Previously, there had been an interim website for the project, which emerged from the “Brandenburg Health Campus” initiative. UVA’s task was to create a website for the still young faculty that would appropriately represent the FGW’s shared mission as well as the expertise of each of the three partners and present content and interactions from a user experience perspective.

The particular challenge that spurred us on was that we were sitting around a table with several partners who all brought different aspects to the table, but in the end had a common goal: to make the new faculty digitally visible as a high-performance network. For future students, research and teaching, politics and society, and all of this nationally and internationally.

Online workshops with all participants

Profiling and focal points for structure, organization and functions were developed with all participants in several technical and scientific workshops. All appointments had to take place online due to the pandemic situation. This actually worked very well, even if it meant that the relaxed, personal small talk at the coffee table, which sometimes makes important nuances audible, was somewhat neglected.

The UVA project team had the following tasks:

1. development of a slogan. “FGW Brandenburg: One faculty – three universities. Competence in health research, promotion of young talent and knowledge transfer” sounds factual, scientific, unique and includes all three focal points.
2. creation of an institutional design / corporate design including corporate language
3. development of a representative and functional website incl. Intranet and publication database with user experience-oriented functionality

Logo in molecular structure, high functionality, clear design

The motto was combined with a logo reminiscent of a molecular structure: several self-confident partners stand in a strong, dynamic connection to one another. This molecular structure runs through the entire website as a design element. The user is addressed immediately, with current event information, contacts or application information.

The comprehensive institutional design / corporate design is clear and inviting thanks to a clear, bright color scheme and an easy-to-follow structure. The focus is on the scientific component, and the most important functions are easy to find.

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