Beep beep. Or what you can do with eight dollars

The little blue bird is currently experiencing a crash. “The Twitter apocalypse is approaching. So where to now?” commented Süddeutsche Zeitung. Now everyone exhale on Oooohm. Is it really that bad? That would be bad indeed.

A blue tit holds on to a branch and looks cheerfully.
This blue tit is very lively. Which cannot be said of Twitter at the moment.

Twitter crash? Who will cry

Alternative suggestion: Please remember what Marlene Dietrich sang in 1930 in the Ufa Studio Babelsberg, 700 meters away from us as the crow flies: Who’s going to cry when you break up… Or how about Zarah Leander: The world won’t come to an end!

If you feel lonely without a follower: Just call someone made of flesh and blood or ring the doorbell of your neighbor, then put eight verification dollars in their mailbox or go out for ice cream together. Check. Twitter in Brandenburg, it can be so easy, Mr. Musk.

Dear Twitter colleagues, just come and join us

Those who get our sympathy – we are, after all, professionals – are the people who worked or still work for Twitter. Half the workforce is said to have been fired, some brought back and fired again, or something like that. (Respect for the HR accounting team that has to manage all the back and forth).

If you are directly affected: We are currently looking for someone who can program and knows what customers want. We have nice colleagues, overtime only in emergencies, no vacation ban and home office at will. We look forward to receiving your application. *

*Thisparagraph contains exactly 280 characters ; )

Curious about the UVA team? This is us:

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